On December 10th Mike Janz, Manager of Fund Development & Stakeholder Relations for the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning (MCCL) was our guest speaker.
The MCCL empowers youth between the ages of 12-19 by connecting passion with purpose through the arts. Located in downtown Dartmouth, this community hub inspires creativity and confidence by offering unique programs in visual arts, music, videography, creative writing and technology in a safe and inspiring space.  
By bridging the learning gap in those who are disengaged from traditional education, or with barriers to accessing creative learning, the MacPhee Centre helps in the development of confidence, lifelong learning skills, an appreciation for the value in giving back to the community and increased potential for employment in our communities. They give Nova Scotia youth a voice through the arts.
The Centre serves approximately 700 youths and its programs are free of charge.
Mike used a real-life example of how the Centre has changed the life of one young man. This individual came to the Centre shy and with very low self esteem.  His lack of confidence resulted in him being lonely with few friends but after being involve in the Centre’s art program he found his talent, and along with it the confidence he so needed.  He is now happy, fulfilled and has many friends.  This is but one example of the Centre’s success and is why they do what they do.
If you would like to learn more about the Centre visit their website at: http://macpheecentre.ca/