If you wish to participate in, or donate to, the Walk-a-Thon please click on the link below and follow these steps:
  1. Make sure the Boy’s & Girl’s Walk-a-Thon Fund is shown in the Fund box.
  2. Add a message informing us if you are making a donation or will participate in the Walk-a-Thon either virtually or in person and if so, how far you want to walk 3K, 6K or 10K
  3. Fill in personal detail and the amount and payment details, then hit Donate Now
Thank you for your community spirit.

Here are some more details:

-Saturday September 12th Shearwater Flyer Trail staggered start from 9AM -11AM

-Pick your own distance 3km, 6km, 10km

-Unsupported walk/meaning we will have crossing guards, First Aide, 50/50, Silent Auction but no water or washroom on site

-Once registered you will pick you start time much like a tee time at a golf club as we still wish to social distance it will be a live sign up sheet so 1st come 1st serve

-Friends and family outside Metro or Nova Scotia (or if they wish to social distance) can do a virtual walk and with a $75 donation will qualify for a random prize