Elsie Morden
At our Rotary Zoom meeting on Monday February 1st our presenters were Elsie Morden, founder & CEO of the “No Time for That” tour and Sarah Steward, a third-year student from Dalhousie University studying International Development and History.
No Time for That (NTFT) is a registered Canadian charity that works with performers and motivational speakers to develop and deliver powerful presentations mainly to school-age children and youth about bullying prevention, mental health awareness, and youth empowerment.
                             Sarah Steward
The Nova Scotia School Boards have okayed their presentations for schools.  If you have a school connection, or kids in school, its worth checking it out at www.ntft.ca.  
A great program & great people.
To download the NTFT promo package CLICK HERE
Thank you, Elsie & Sarah.