On March 7th Rotarian Lui Greco (our club’s secretary) gave a great presentation on an initiative underway to make retail payment terminals accessible for everyone.  Lui works for the CNIB (Canadian Council of the Blind) which is a partner organization with the payment terminal initiative.
For anyone with sight loss who has ever attempted to independently complete a retail transaction using a payment terminal there can be significant barriers.  Canadians with sight loss and other disabilities often compromise their security, independence and dignity. The CNIB, and the Neil Squire Society prepared a video illustrating these issues (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11w_tkuYf08)
However, a solution is possible and Lui detailed some of the work ongoing and a prototype terminal that is demonstrating promise.
Their next steps are to continue working collaboratively with all stakeholders to define and create a retail payment solution that works for everyone, customers with disabilities and merchants alike.
To view Lui’s presentation. Click Here.